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Optare Bus

Optare Alero Bus “The Reservoir Bus”

The Optare Alero bus was donated to the Papplewick trust in 2006 by the Optare Group Ltd and is used to transport visitors between the main site and the Victorian reservoir mile away.
The bus, chassis number 210205 was one of a small number of prototypes built during 1999 and was used to launch the Alero product at the NEC in that year to local councils and community transport groups.

Following the launch the vehicle was used as part of the vehicle-testing programme at the Millbrook proving ground near Milton Keynes. These tests included braking, noise, tilt testing, engine cooling, and heating etc.
After successful completion of the test programme the bus was used as a part of the demonstration fleet but was never registered.
Unusually the bus is the only Alero built containing 17 seats in addition to the driver, as the production buses were all built as 16 seat or less to ensure compliance with the minibus regulations.
Having been superseded as a demonstration vehicle the bus was stored at Optare Rotherham for several years until it was donated to the trust in 2006.
The bus features an Iveco 2.8l turbo diesel engine and manual ZF transmission and is a single piece glass fibre body.
When weather conditions and staffing permit the bus runs a regular half-hour service to the reservoir site