PPS drawing
Building Repair

Rear view

Roof slates being replaced

Replacing brickwork on Boilerhouse

New membrain under slates

The roof vent with scaffolding

The roof vent with scaffolding, the finial removed from the top for repair.

Close-up of finial, it is very heavy, well tied up!

Detail of the roof vent, the timber has been cleaned and treated to prevent decay

New lead flashing around base of vent

The timbers under repair

A pair of the finials from the roof

Another view of the finials

The stonework that supports the roof gutters

Removal of damaged brickwork

Another view of brickwork replacement

View of replaced brickwork on corner of building

A view of replaced brickwork

Close-up of terracotta detail

More terracotta detail

New terracotta bricks

More terracotta bricks

Finials from stable block roof

Finials from stable block roof

Finials from stable block roof

Looking down on Boiler house roof

Close-up of boiler house roof

Stable block wall under repair

The cast iron gutters from the stable block

Another view of stable block gutters

Repairing boiler house doors

One of the big door under repair

View over cooling pond, partly drained

View of roof with new slates on lower & right side.

View of chimney from pumping station roof