PPS drawing
Details of the Beam Engines


One of the governors that controls the steam to keep the beam engine working  at the right speed

Beam ends

The massive steelwork of one end of the beams.
The bronze bearing  takes up the wear between the pivot on the end of the beam and the vertical  link. On the top of the link are the oil cups to keep the bearing lubricated.

Valve gear

The Valve gear that controls the steam into the cylinders. The long leavers are  used to manually start the engine, after which the cams keep the motion  going. The wooden lagged cylinder is behind the valve gear.


A view of the beautiful cast iron decoration on the columns,
this photo showing fishes swimming in the pond


Part of the workshop at the side of the boilerhouse. Showing some of the steam  powered engines and the overhead belting powered pedestal drill.

LatheThe old German lathe in the workshop
powered by the overhead shafting and flat belt.